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Spotlight on Achievement
-Sponsored by VALUEUSA and the National Coalition for Literacy

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The National Coalition for Literacy and VALUEUSA are proud to bring you Spotlight on Achievement, a national initiative to honor adult learner success stories in conjunction with the convening of the 113th Congress.

Submit a success story of an adult learner from an adult education or family literacy program. Be sure to upload the release form signed by the adult learner, granting NCL and VALUEUSA permission to publish and share the success story.

Upon successful submission, each submitter will receive a press release template to honor the learner locally and a certificate of achievement to present to the learner. The learner's story will be published on the NCL website.

Then during key times throughout the year, we will share all published success stories with the learners' U.S. legislators and with the Assistant Secretary for Vocational and Adult Education.

Submit as many success stories as you like! The more stories we collect, the more we can shine a bright light on the many achievements learners make.

You can search the stories by state and Congressional district. The search will be available as soon as a reasonable number of stories have been submitted so that there are stories to search.

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